Arborist Services

  • Tree Risk Assessments
  • Tree Protection Preservation Plans
  • Tree Health Assessments
  • Tree Inventory (GIS)
  • Monitoring projects adjacent to trees
  • Tomograph testing (soundwave)
  • Resistograph testing (resistance drill measurements)
  • Tree Appraisals
  • Expert Witness


ISA Certified Arborist: Steve Nimz, Ilana Nimz, David Golden
ISA Certified Arborist, Municipal Specialist: Steve Nimz
ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified: Steve Nimz, Ilana Nimz, David Golden
ISA Certified Tree Worker, Climbing Specialist: Ilana Nimz
Landscape Industry Certified Technician: David Golden

Steve preserved this landmark tree at the International Market Place

Tree Inventory

GIS mapping is becoming more prevalent as a management tool for large landscaped properties. We provide tree inventory and assessment services, allowing you to easily locate all trees on the property and identify their maintenance requirements with detailed spreadsheets. Trees at your site can be viewed online through a personalized web link. We can also provide ArcMap files to incorporate into your database management system.

You prefer the old-fashioned way? No problem! We can inventory trees using provided blueprint and site maps.

GIS Mapping


GIS web

Internal Tree Tests

External examinations of trees may not be enough to identify internal weaknesses. We can test the internal condition of trees using specialized instruments including Resistograph® electronic drills and Arbortom® sound-impulse tomography. A detailed diagnostic report is provided with each tree test.

Tomograph Test:


Resistograph Test: